Morris House Sleep Out – Tuesday 12th September 2017 

The Morris House Charity Sleep Out aims to raise both understanding and funds for an important issue that is crucial, and close to us, in Melbourne every day. 

In support of the wonderful work of Backpack Bed for Homeless, our 69 boys shall spend Tuesday 12th September sleeping outside in order to raise awareness and as much money as possible for this important cause! 

Please give generously!

Backpack Bed for Homeless

This year 40,878 Australians will sleep on our streets.

Backpack Bed for Homeless (formerly called 

Swags for Homeless) provides FREE Backpack Beds as emergency relief bedding to street sleeping homeless.

Distributed via partnering with homeless charities Australia wide. Backpack Beds are proven by charities to improve homeless health, sleep, dignity, comfort and safety.

74 heroes fundraising today.

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